Ten last minute Valentine’s Day date ideas for Brown Students

It’s never too late

That day of the year has come again. You are either overexcited that for the first time you have actual plans with a special someone or you want to sleep through this day to avoid seeing  PDAs on the street and on social media. Maybe you don’t give a damn about Vday whether you are single or not.

For those who have that someone special in their lives but don’t care enough to plan a special date, don’t worry, we got you! Here are 10 alternative and effortless Valentine’s Day date ideas for Brown students.

Have a romantic picnic with your partner under the spotlight of Blueno at night

Despite what they say, it’s actually kind of cute and innocent at night, a perfect spot for couples who likes to attract attention.

Prepare protest signs together in the Underground while listening to revolution songs

You never know when you’ll need them – you are a Brown student living in a Trump era.

Go to Providence Place Mall to watch 50 Shades Darker but instead observe the couples who are watching it

Because honestly the movie is not worth it.

Go to Collage Hill Psychic and get a Tarot card reading

See if you are destined to be together. If not, you can still tell each other that these psychic stuff is ridicilous and meaningless.

Go to the Ladd Observatory

Tell each other how small and insignificant you feel when you look at the stars.

Do a Tour de Food on Thayer street

Order one very small item from as many restaurants as possible until you are full.

Alternative to #6 – do a Tour de Drinks

Order one drink in each bar until you both get E.M.S.’d (If you get through that, you can get through anything in your relationship).

Attend every Valentine’s Day event on campus

To eat free cookies, candies, chocolate and cupcakes until you go into a diabetic coma.

After doing #8 go to gym together

Because #coupleswhosweattogetherstaytogether.

If you don’t feel like going out, watch a 90’s Rom-Com

And complain about the lack of diversity, implicit racism/sexism/homophobia, cultural appropriation, politically incorrect jokes and many other trendy millennial concepts  in the movie.   

Enjoy the day of St.Valentine’s execution!



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