What your future is going to be, based on your concentration

You’re still in school

As the semester comes to a close, many people are beginning to think about summer plans and internships. The seniors are thinking about their future and life after Brown, grad school, Teach For America or get a job? Yes, it’s so much to think about it, but look no further. I can tell you what you will be doing in the next five years.


You thought by now with a degree in hand from Brown University you wouldn’t still need to explain to people what your degree was all about. You thought wrong. Because you’re a Brown student, you’re probably not going to be curating art for the elite art house, but instead curating artwork from underground artists in Brooklyn that explore social justice themes. You’re an art activist.

Urban Studies

Like, MCM most people haven’t heard of Urban Studies. Perhaps you thought you would be analyzing urban spaces and doing some research into physical environments and the psychological and social effects on urban youth and adolescents. Instead, you’re teaching geography at a high school in your hometown.


You’re still in school.


You’re set for life. Morgan Stanley? The UN? You got it. In the next five years, you will be sitting in your loft in New York reminiscing about Intro to International Politics and laughing about how you thought you would never possibly pay back the student loans.

Science and Society

After years of arguing with your parents about what you are going to do with your degree after Brown… you’re still arguing.

Computer Science

You were guaranteed a job after college in Silicon Valley. You thought you would be dope tech guru doing dope tech guru things, but really you’re just coding. All day, erryday. At least you get to wear sweats to work!


Where you thought you would be: On a book tour of your debut trilogy across the country.

Where you are: Still writing the book while dabbling in some career you never thought you could see yourself in… librarian of rare manuscripts at the John Hay library.

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