Don’t be ‘that’ person: How to avoid annoying all of BC’s campus

BC has unwritten rules that you need to follow

Every college campus has social rules. These are unwritten rules that are completely unspoken, but everybody knows by heart. They’re the elephant in the room (or on the campus, I should say) which you won’t hear anyone ever mentioning, but we’re all thinking about them.

But no matter how clear these secret rules seem to every BC student, there is always the exception of that one person who misses these common conventions. These people are socially condemned for not paying close attention to what everyone knows and nobody ever says.

Since we all want to avoid being that person and accidentally committing social suicide, here’s a practical guide as to what not to do on BC’s campus in order to keep things running smoothly.

Don’t take up a whole booth for yourself (during popular dining times)

The dining hall is flooded with people and the lines to get a meal curl infinitely around the salad bar creating a heart-wrenching labyrinth that is guaranteed to disappoint any hungry stomach. After spending 10 minutes in line and five complaining about how much of a time-consuming activity getting food is (even though cooking a decent meal in the real world would take at least thrice as long, a fact we all choose to ignore), you and your friends just want to quickly pay for your food and go sit already.

You walk around the dining hall between tables making sure you stay close to your group (you wouldn’t want to look like you’re there alone, would you?) only to come to the daunting realization that there is nowhere to sit. Panic attack. Quick, casually waltz your way around the establishment and avoid eye contact with those privileged enough to have a table. But what about that guy sitting by himself in a whole booth by the window?? And what about that other kid sitting alone at the round table over there?? Irrational anger bubbles up inside you as you watch them enjoy all the spacious sitting space at their disposal.

Don’t do this, kids. Make a friend and join other Eagles flying solo. Do it for the awkward-looking group of people trying to act chill while they hold their fast-cooling meals and dream of seeing you get up and give them your table. Take one for the team.

Don’t be the one that uses up all the paper at the printer

Come on. What are you printing, the Bible? Please stop. If you’re taking Killing Trees 101 and have to print the largest document in the history of assignments, please try to do so at intervals so other students can print their last-minute papers that are due in their next class in five minutes. Committed students coming through – have some respect.

Don’t be the one that pays with cash/credit card at the dining halls

Well, I guess this doesn’t really apply to BC students but, while we’re on the topic of annoyance, I guess it’s worth mentioning.

The people at the registers are swiping Eagle IDs left and right and the line is moving swiftly. But then comes the outsider with that ridiculous real world currency. Seriously, it’s like you’re using Monopoly money. Please. At least try to blend in. The fast-moving line suddenly stops and you hear a chorus of disappointed sighs as everyone in line realizes they will have to wait an eternity (two full extra minutes) to pay for their food. Annoyance all around you.

Don’t be the person who doesn’t hold the door

This is a big one, guys. Student traffic rush hour causes infinite lines of people filing in and out of academic buildings. Time to play “who can hold the door open the longest.” The game is easy, you just need to hurry up to catch the door from the person in front of you and then hold it long enough for the person behind you to catch it before it closes. It is important to look back at least partially in order to establish recognition of the person behind you and mutter “sure”/”of course”/”no problem” (choose one at your will after assessing the situation) in response to their “thanks.”

Make sure you are not the one to break the lucky streak. Failure to either hold the door for the person behind you, utter the appropriate greetings or actively participate in the activity will result in the immediate annoyance of those around you and/or what’s worse: the raising of suspicion as to your legitimacy as a BC eagle. Don’t be that person – just hold the door.

Don’t go against the current (literally)

On the same topic, there are clearly defined (and also imaginary) lanes of student traffic all around campus. Please stick to your lane. Keep to your right at all times. Failure to do so may result in embarrassing spilling of coffee and/or awkward super close face-to-face encounters with strangers. Walking around the Quad? Keep to your right. Going down the stairs in an academic building? Keep to your right. Bypassing slow walkers on your way to class? Keep to your right.

There you have it. Follow these unwritten rules and you can be sure to enjoy a happy college career on BC’s campus. Now, go be normal. (BC normal, that is.)

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