‘When he doesn’t give you the BC Look Away’: All the weird things Eagles find romantic

I mean Romeo and Juliet romantic

It’s mid-February and you can still feel the Valentine’s Day spirit floating in the air at BC. And in the days following, there’s so much going on here that you start to feel like people are consoling you for not having an actual significant other to celebrate with.

But there are a number of things that BC Eagles find exceptionally romantic (I mean Romeo-and-Juliet romantic) that would be considered pretty strange if taken out of the context of our campus. To BC students, these things are absolutely normal.

When he offers to walk you to class (yes, up or down all those stairs)

BC students probably have the strongest legs in the history of American college students. There is no way to avoid all of the stairs that our beautiful campus provides for us. Yes, we built a campus on a hill – nothing weird about that. We like to keep things interesting. We’re too good for a flat campus.

You already have to trek up and down a good number of flights of stairs to get from your room to class (or sometimes even to the dining hall) and you accept it – it’s part of being a BC Eagle. But if someone offers to share the lower body pain with you in order to talk to you for a little longer, that’s LOVE. Like true love.

When he takes a picture with you in front of Gasson

Oh, Gasson. Everyone’s true and most loyal bae. Nothing weird about having the 2,000-person student population on a campus in love with a building. Even better if your guy accepts your love for this iconic architectural artwork and shares it with you. #Gassongram #GoGothicArchitecture

When he holds the heavy doors at O’Neill open for you

Getting in and out of O’Neill can be tough, especially if those doors are the only unwanted upper-body workout that BC’s campus provides you with. So, attention: if he opens those massive, irrationally heavy doors for you, you will melt on the spot. You might as well picture the actual St. Ignatius of Loyola holding the door open for you. You’re in heaven now.

When he wants to get lunch with you and it’s not because he doesn’t have any meal plan money left

Every student struggles with meal plan money. At any point in the semester, either you have
too much of it or you have nothing left. That’s just the way BC nutrition works. If he wants to share a meal with you and doesn’t ask you to pay for him, you know he’s actually interested in you and not just using survival mechanisms to avoid starvation.

When that guy you sort of like doesn’t BC Look Away you

He actually looked at you? AND smiled? That’s it, you’re probably getting married someday. The BC Look Away is a staple on this campus. Sad, but true. For some reason, students seem to enjoy ignoring people they sort of know by obnoxiously pretending they can’t see each other even when they’re literally face to face (I mean, literally). We are great at being purposefully blind. This is why if he sees you and actually acknowledges your existence, you’re automatically on your way to a relationship, my friend. Call your mom.

When he asks you out on a Kerry Cronin Date to White Mountain

This is the big one, guys. Kerry Cronin is basically considered BC’s official cupid. Nothing more heart-melting than getting asked on one of these legendary dates by the person you like. Good company, potential love AND ice cream? Ultimate scenario of absolute bliss. This means two things: 1) He likes you 2) He went to a Kerry Cronin dating talk. (Or he’s taking her Perspectives class, but we can skip that.)

There you have it – these things would probably puzzle any regular human being, but who said BC students were regular?

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