This is your guide to getting to the 2017 Beanpot

Watch those points rack up as you pretend you attended every sport

The best piece of advice my older, yet not much wiser brother gave to me was simple: get yourself to the Beanpot. Period.

Step one: Download the Gold Pass app

I was a baby freshman still trying to navigate the grilled chicken line in Mac and pronouncing Gasson in a way that sounded similar to the character “Gaston” in Beauty and the Beast (I took French for eight years) and didn’t have much time to think about the significance of the Gold Pass app. I remembered hearing the word “Beanpot” on one of my tours, sure, but it meant next to nothing to me. What is a Beanpot?

Yet, somehow amidst all of the transitions, tailgating and the reality of life in Kostka Hall, I managed to follow my brother Jake’s advice.

First step, completed.

The Gold Pass is fine and dandy itself – giving game schedules and rosters and whatnot – but when you’re like me and your iPhone 5c is only 8 gigabytes, this app better have something that makes it worthy enough to take up that highly-coveted space.

Step two: Check-in to as many events as humanly possible

Upper kids are at a disadvantage on this one. Those fortunate enough to live on lower are close to Conte Forum, and its numerous basketball, volleyball and hockey games, and the Newtonites are able to check in to soccer and field hockey from the comfort of their dorms…someone should fix this. Make those kids work.

It is only the elitest of the elite who understand how imperative these check-ins are to make the most of the winter ahead. Watch those points rack up as you pretend you attended every sport under the sun, and wait for that delayed, though imminent, gratification.

Step three: Get your tickets

After you’ve loitered around Conte trying to get that green check for far too many nights, it all comes to fruition when you receive that long-awaited email: Group 1 Beanpot Tickets.

You’ve made it. You’re at the top. You stand in line with the best of the best that Friday morning at Gate B as they vaguely tell you one pair of tickets are $30 and the others are $42. What’s the difference, you ask? Nobody knows. They sell out of the $30 set in about three seconds.

But you’ve got ‘em, and your friends and roommates who left their Gold Pass app to collect dust watch in anguish as you display the coveted golden tickets that are now rightfully yours.

Don’t let them tell you the Beanpot isn’t fun because it’s on a Monday. It is. They’re just jealous.

Step four: Go to the game, and take the D line

Have you ever timed the difference between the B and D lines? There is no contest.

To all my prospective Eagles out there, I apologize for shattering the infamous myth touted by tour guides and parents alike, but there is really no such thing as “Pack the T.” We do not fight BU kids down Comm Ave or fill the T up to the point where they can’t get on. I don’t even think there are even enough kids going to the Beanpot to do that.

Go, grab a Hubert’s Lemonade (s/o BC Dining for this great addition), catch the Comm Ave bus to Res and thank me later.

And don’t forget, kids: don’t be that asshole who insists on sitting precisely where your ticket says you should. Shoving double digits of people into one row is all part of the experience.

So, you’ve finally made it. Enjoy the game, roll eags, and most importantly, it always sucks to BU.

Boston College