In the most BC move ever, there were nuns at last night’s basketball game

The other guys have animal mascots, but we have a convent

The sisterhood ran strong last night. As students of a Jesuit Catholic school, none of us are very surprised when we see a nun or Father walking around the quad. But last night, we had nuns. At the BASKETBALL GAME.

How freaking amazing is that? NC State didn’t stand a chance because BC basketball had the spirit of the Lord there supporting them, literally and figuratively.

Dear Lord, that’s like a whole convent. BC’s nuns really know how to get down and have a good time, spending their nights cheering on the basketball team to victory, and trying to get some air time on the dance cam.

They really must have helped in putting the fear of God into NC State’s team, because BC got that W, finishing the game 74-66.

Understandably, none of us are very surprised that a band of nuns decided to show up to the basketball game. It’s just another day at BC – the nuns getting the attention for all the right reasons. You go, sisters!

Photo credit: Andrew Kurzon

Boston College