What’s really on every senior’s Christmas list

Santa, bring me a gift certificate to Res Wine and Spirits

As the class of 2017’s time at BC is nearing an end, and the holiday season rapidly approaches, one must begin to draw up a list for good ole’ St. Nick. This year seems to have a different feel, though, than all of the previous holiday celebrations. Nerves and anxiety run amuck through the senior class of Boston College as everyone tries to stop time dead in its tracks, before we graduate jobless and heartbroken.

Thankfully, we have the spirit of Christmas to keep us going. And hopefully we’ve all been a little more nice than naughty this year (doubtful), because we’re going to need all the help from Santa we can get. Everyone’s list to old Saint Nick will differ from person to person, but the most important things will be at the top of every BC senior’s list:

For our parents to stop asking if we’re finally dating someone every time we come home

No, mom and dad, I’m about to graduate college, and have yet to make a man fall deeply and madly in love with me. I’ll work on it though. (Tinder dates count, right?)

To be able to check off everyone on our Senior Five


One of the most important lists you’ll make in your lifetime, checking off every person on your senior five is a goal that every senior wants to accomplish before graduation. This can pose a challenge, but with a little help from Santa this year, things might be getting a little extra naughty.

A gift certificate to Res Wine and Spirits


After downing Rubinoff for four years straight, drinking this $13 liquor starts to feel like it’s burning a hole in your stomach. It would be really nice to live the high life for a weekend or two, drinking something that doesn’t taste like gasoline. Once Santa slips a Res gift card in your stocking this year, it’ll be nothing but Grey Goose and champagne sipping for New Years Eve.

And of course, the most important wish of all…

To figure out what the hell we’re doing with our lives and graduate with a job so we don’t have to move back in with our parents


Inevitably, going home for the holidays will bring relentless questioning about your future. “So how’s the job search going?” “Have you even figured out what you want to do yet?” “Where do you want to live after you graduate?”

Anxiety about the future fills Boston College’s senior class as graduation gets closer and closer every day. Wouldn’t it be wonderful to wake up knowing what you’re going to do with your life, and have a stable job lined up, so the parental nagging would cease to exist? One can only dream, right? Santa baby, slip a job offer under the tree, for me. (You know I’ve been an awful good girl.)

So happy holidays and best of luck to the senior class. I hope all our Christmas wishes come true and Santa is really, really good to all of us this year.

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