Everything BC students are so tired of hearing

From our football team’s record to the cost of tuition, we’ve heard it all

No matter what college you attend, there are things people say – usually these people are students from a rival school or elderly relatives – which warrant eye rolls because you’ve heard them over and over again.

Whether it’s about your school’s ranking, academics, social life, student body, or cost of tuition, people will comment and all you can really do is stand there, nod and take it in. These are some of the general comments BC students will probably hear over the years.

‘Boston College isn’t in Boston – and it’s not a college, it’s a university’

Thought this would be next to Gasson, what a shock

Thought this would be next to Gasson, what a shock

Really??? Imagine my surprise when I showed up to move-in day freshman year and I couldn’t see Faneuil Hall or the Old North Church from my dorm’s window. Also, I kept wondering who those old looking college students were.

#1 on BC's list of FAQs, so I'm guessing they're pretty done with people asking about this too

#1 on BC’s list of FAQs, so I’m guessing they’re pretty done with people asking about this, too

I just figured they were super super super seniors as opposed to grad students. Thanks to all of you who point this out to us. Looking at you, BU students – what a great comeback.

‘BC isn’t as good as Georgetown’

Honestly, this is just rude. I don’t think St. Ignatius of Loyola would be too pleased to hear people trying to turn two of his Jesuit babies against each other in a competition. Also thanks for trying to discount our accomplishments when both of these schools were ranked back-to-back by Forbes and our academics are rigorous (as evidenced by all of my tears and the smell of rancid young people with midterms in O’Neill).

‘$65k is a bit steep for tuition, no?’

She's beauty and she's grace

She’s beauty and she’s grace

Like, is this a question? I’m confused. It seems like you’re leading me into an answer and if I say the opposite, I’m going to get a lecture (I attend enough lectures per week as it is). I understand that college is a big investment, especially for a private university as well maintained as BC, and I am grateful that my parents were able to send me here. Also, most students at BC receive some sort of financial aid.

‘Your football team sucks’

To me, this is the equivalent to how it’s OK for me to bad-mouth or express annoyance at my brother, but the second someone else does it, it’s a problem. It’s OK for BC students to say things about out football team, since we are generally the ones standing on the unstable metal bleachers on Saturday afternoon at games, but when sportscasters or outside people say something, it stings a little bit more.

‘Boston has bad winters’

When 22 feels like 10 below

When 22 feels like 10 below

Yes, it is very cold here during the winter. I was still a senior in high school when that brutal winter of 2014-2015 hit. But have you seen how good Gasson looks in the snow? Plus, who doesn’t want to see a swarm of people in Bean boots and Canada Goose jackets sliding across the ice to make it to their 9ams?

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