Every type of costume we saw on Halloweekend at BC

The football team dressing as ‘Holes’ was iconic

From the good to the bad, and the most popular to the unforgettable, this weekend was filled with a wide array of costumes choices.


Basic witches were spotted everywhere sporting their short skirts and high heels. Quite a few Harambes were seen lurking around the bars, and one cannot forget the football team’s iconic choice to dress as the characters from Holes. Dig it, uh oh oh.

The basic witches


Cats, skeletons, vampires, or any type of four-legged animal, girls really rocked out the basic sexy costumes this weekend. To be put in this category means you either had either whiskers painted on your face or a body squeezing skirt along with black thigh high boots. Don’t get me wrong, this category really gets points for “hotness.”

The Harley Quinns and the Jokers



This costume was only for the people who were serious about looking their best this Halloween. Difficulty level was a 10, so the people who pulled off this looked good – really good. I mean, how could you not love America’s favorite psychopathic couple? Hope they found their Puddin’ while they were out.

The Purgers


Because obviously it’s every person’s fantasy to participate in a night where no crime is punishable, right? This costume ranked higher on the freaky factor, and the masks and machetes really gave off the “I’m gonna stab the shit out of you” vibe. “A” for effort though, Purgers.


This costume had two spinoffs. Some people actually dressed as full-fledged gorillas, and then the girls who had their boobs out for Harambe. Kudos to the brave souls who chose to honor Harambe by suffocating themselves in full gorilla bodysuits covered in fur. Also kudos to the girls who chose to dedicate their costume to him.

The people who aren’t really dressed as anything but try to convince you they are

On Saturday, my friend dressed in a black dress and black boots. When we asked what costume she was wearing, she replied “a blackout.” Understandably, there are many people who want to get by doing the bear minimum on Halloween, but in the process confuse and puzzle everyone trying to decode their costume choice.

Football’s epic costuming


I think we can all agree that football killed the game Saturday night by dressing as characters from one of Shia LaBeouf’s breakout movies, Holes. Issac Yiadom may have been dressed as Zero, but their outfits were 100. Way to kill the game, BC football.

Happy Halloscream to everyone who rocked it this weekend, to those who didn’t and to those who were just there for the booze. Cheers, my friends, and have a great Halloween.

Boston College