Boston College area in high-risk zone for lead exposure

Flint isn’t the only area to worry about

Following the discovery of tragic lead exposure and poisoning in Flint, Ohio, Vox has designed an interactive map today which explains, by zip code, the likeliness for lead exposure for that community. The vast majority cluster in urban areas.

Unfortunately, Boston College scores in the highest range, with a score of 9 and 10 out of 10 on the map.

Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.51.37 PM Screen Shot 2016-04-08 at 3.51.25 PM

The area with a “10,” is the Chestnut Hill Reservoir.

While these are not confirmed lead poisoning cases, the map illustrates “an estimate calculated using government data about the surroundings.” This specifically takes into account the age of houses in the area, as well as poverty – two key factors in past lead exposure examples.

Might be a good time to double-check the chipping paint in your South Street house isn’t lead-based.

So, sorry seniors. I wouldn’t recommend continuing the jumping into the Res tradition.

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