Petition started for a better future Plex

Over 100 people have already signed

A petition has been launched urging BC to relook at their design plan for the new Plex, and as of this afternoon over 100 people have already signed.

The petition reads: “A key part of that new plan will replace THE PLEX with an under-performing facility that will not meet the needs of intercollegiate athletics, will not appeal to prospective students or recruits and will actually reduce the options for students to stay active on our health and fitness-minded campus.

“Simply, the NEW PLEX is not on par with peer national universities.”

Some petitioners feel as if these developmental plans have been vague. This has left them upset, if not outraged, about the changes made to the training and recreational facilities most commonly used by the BC population.

Students, faculty, and alumni are especially concerned with the development plans for swimming, tennis, and fencing facilities.

Along with an insufficient pool size, the ceilings in the planned natatorium will not be able to house a three meter platform for the diving team, something that has proven necessary in the training of BC divers, leading two to Zones this past season.

The petition acknowledges the 50+ year history of the Plex and the importance of getting this $200M reconstruction right.

But can the comments and votes from students, faculty, alumni and other Eagles catch the leaders of this makeover’s attention?

Boston College