An ode to 10:15 mass

“We do not stand alone” on Sunday nights in the Heights room

I have been a regular church attendee my entire life. Some of my earliest memories take place at mass on Sunday mornings while I’m drawing in coloring books on the pews and eating cheerios out of a plastic baggie.

Since I’ve been at BC nothing has really changed–except the drawing and snacking during mass, of course.  I have attended mass at almost every location Boston College has to offer: 5:00 and 9:00 PM at Trinity on Newton, 5:00 PM at St. Joes Chapel on Upper, morning masses at St. Ignatius, St. Mary’s and 10:15 PM mass in the Heights room.

Every location offers something very special and I feel blessed to have so many options when it comes to attending church.

But 10:15 PM mass completely encompasses my faith journey in college and that is why I love it so much.


IMG_7480 IMG_7828

These are a few of my favorite things about this mass:

The music – I can’t even describe how talented these singers and I really appreciate the contemporary song choices they mix into mass. The opening and closing songs are sung by every single student in attendance.

Intentions — while the collection is going around there is also a basket for each person to write down a person or cause they would like to pray for that week. After mass, everyone picks up one of the sheets and prays for the intention.

Singing happy birthday– if it’s your birthday that week you will definitely be standing up at the end of mass while everyone wishes you a happy birthday!

All of these added elements to mass strengthen the BC community and they help participants feel loved.


IMG_1625 I asked a few regulars and singers at the 10:15 mass what they love about this specific mass…

Maggie Schermerhorn, Sophomore, Pre-med

“It’s a great way to end the weekend. It centers me for the rest of the week!”

Nicole Devaney, Sophomore, Biology major


“The sense of community is so strong. It’s great seeing people I wouldn’t regularly see around campus.”

Matty Greeley, Freshman, Theology and Applied Psych major and Faith, Peace, and Justice minor


“I love how many students come and it’s always packed which is very inspiring.”

Addie Egan, Sophomore, Nursing major


“The sense of community, running into familiar faces, and an opportunity to connect with people on a deeper level.”

Caroline Portu (Senior) Julie Kurek (Senior) Tyler Coyne (Junior) Chris Colgan (Senior) Claire Raab (Sophomore


Caroline: “Great community, all of our friends, peaceful, pretty low-key, relatable, young, and infectious. I also can’t describe how amazing it is to look out into the crowd and see everyone singing along and smiling!”

Claire: “Super liberating, people choose to come so late at night. It’s a nice stepping ground for your faith to figure out where you are! ”


Mass at Boston College is definitely one of the highlights of my college experience. The people and the memories have strengthened my love for God and my appreciation for my peers at BC.

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