120 BC students sick with Norovirus after eating Chipotle

The Cleveland Circle location was cited with three critical health violations

In another email, Dr Thomas Nary informed BC Public Health officials have confirmed over 120 students are now suffering from Norovirus. 

The community-wide email confirmed: “Nearly all cases were related to students who ate at the Chipotle restaurant in Cleveland Circle during the past weekend.”

The Division of Health Inspection for the City of Boston cited the Chipotle in Cleveland Circle with three health violations following an inspection on Monday. All three violations were at the highest level, “critical” for food borne illnesses.

The violations included improper temperature for chicken and steak, a sick employee, as well as reports of food borne illnesses from the location. The inspection, completed on Monday, confirmed the Chipotle location would be temporarily closed.

Dr. Nary detailed BC’s response to the epidemic, including a promotional shout-out to the “Flu Buddy Packs” offered in dining halls (use up those dining dollars!).

Pre-packaged food will also be made available to sick students.

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