Laptop stickers: The commitment issue we never talk about

The pink whale’s natural habitat is a Macbook Pro

You can tell a lot about a person by the stickers on their laptop. For example, a Patagonia sticker shows that a person is unique and does not conform to trends.

But once you peel off the back off a sticker, you have exactly one chance to place it correctly and hope that you will not regret it a couple years down the line.

This is probably why the laptop case was invented.

The Tab asked students about the commitment issue that gets overshadowed by fuckboys.

Josh Behreus, 2018, Information Systems


What is your favorite sticker and why?

“I would have to say the middle ‘don’t believe everything you think’ because it’s kind of an eye opener as well as a refocusing thing.”

Shanzi Mahmood, 2018, Marketing & Communication


Do you have commitment issues (with putting the sticker right on the laptop)?

“I definitely have commitment issues and I want to be able to change them in a couple of years. Plus, I think it looks shitty if you stick it right on to your computer…you just put a 20 cent sticker on a 2000 dollar laptop.”

Sofia Ribeiro, 2018, Biochemistry


What is your favorite sticker and why?

“The Anna Maria Island one because it is my favorite place to vacation with my family.” She also mentioned that her “mission is to cover the whole thing.”

Margaret Dauer, 2018, Nursing


Why did you keep your laptop vanilla?

“I don’t want to put anything on it that I am going to hate in a couple of days or years.

Mary Stack, 2017, Geology


What is your guideline for stickers making the cut?

“That the new ones can’t cover up the ones that are really important to me, but now I can’t add any because my laptop is full and all of these are important.”

*If you look closely though the only sticker that fully covers another is her 26.2 Marathon sticker covering up a 13.1 half marathon sticker…well played Mary…

Alex Cavanaugh, 2017, Marketing and a music minor


Do you have a theme going on here?

“Hell yeah I have a theme… its rock n’ roll. I put them on a case because realistically I am not going to take my laptop into a professional space covered in rock bands. So I can take it off when I don’t want the stickers and put it back on when I do – it’s the perfect medium.”

I asked him to pick a favorite (band) and he replied: “We will be here all day, but I love Zeppelin.”

Will Maguire, 2017, Political Science


Why did you choose to make the commitment?

“I guess they just peel off pretty easy…I think. But I am not gonna try it for you.”

I’m sure that’s what he’ll think until he breaks out the goo-gone before he starts law school…

Ben Daly, 2018, Economics


Why does your laptop not have any stickers?

“I honestly haven’t thought about it at all. I guess nothing has been cool enough, but seriously I don’t have any good reason.”

Mary Royer, 2017, Elementary Education & Applied Psych


Without looking, can you name all of the stickers on your laptop?

Mary named all five of her stickers (VV, Dave Mathews, UGBC, Vermont, and LYBW) in under 20 seconds.

Jackie Morris, 2017, Communications & Economics


Why only one sticker? Is it very important to you?

“I am actually just starting my collection. I got this sticker over the weekend, it’s from a coffee shop in my hometown called Rook.”

Yeseul Do, 2019, English


What is your sticker of?

“From a studio Ghibli.”
(I stared at her blankly.)
“Have you ever heard of Miyazaki? You probably have no idea what I am talking about.” She was 100% correct.

Mary Ashley Keene, 2018, Biochemistry


Why did you put them on backwards?

“Well, it was by accident and you know once I got started I just had to roll with it. Some of the earlier ones are from home because I am from Florida and then a bunch are also from BC which I think is great.”

Right before I left, she added, “It still looks really cute when it’s closed though!”

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