You can now rent bikes on campus for free

Introducing the War Eagle Bike Share

You may recognize me as the guy who went on a ride along with AU Parking Services. And now I’m back at it again – only this time on two wheels.

Ladies and gentlemen, allow me to introduce the War Eagle Bike Share. With the issue of campus parking not being a viable option for many students, AU Parking Services has implemented a bicycle sharing program for our use. This will reduce the need for on campus parking because we can now ride bikes for free.


Thanks to the department and the Gotcha Group, along with local bicycle shops, Auburn now has 75 new Auburn themed bicycles. The bikes can be found in 10 different stations around campus, which means you can always ride to class in style.

The Tab Auburn spoke with everyone’s favorite Parking Services manager, Don Andrae, who orchestrated the bike sharing program. Fortunately, we were able to ride along with him – on a bike this time – and ask some questions about the program.

So, how can we sign up?

To be able to use the bicycles, you must visit and register to make an account, or download the app called Social Bicycles.


How can I locate them?

By using the app or the website, there is a map where you can look at the bike locations directly. Also, if you are using the app, you can reserve a bike if it’s available by clicking on the bike you want on the map.


How are you able to track the availability of the bike?

These are no ordinary bicycles, you see. They are smart bikes. They have a GPS system embedded into them with the ability to track your name, and even what route you are riding on.


Is there a fee for using the bicycles?

No. There is a fee of $5 an hour, but only after the first two hours of use.

Are the bicycles exclusively for Auburn students?

Yes. Visitors, faculty and even non-students can use the bikes.


Who designed the bikes?

Well, I designed the bikes with the help of the Gotcha bike group.

Thanks to the new bicycles on campus, I can now ride a cool Auburn themed bike and hopefully make it to class on time.

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