Uber suspends self-driving operations in Phoenix, other cities, after pedestrian was killed in Tempe

This was the first incident since testing began

A self-driving Uber killed a pedestrian in Tempe which sparked the company to suspend its autonomous operations in Phoenix and several other major cities, according to sources.

The car was in autonomous mode when the crash occurred, striking a woman who was walking outside of the crosswalk, Tempe Police said.

Tempe Police identified Elaine Herzberg, 49, as the victim hit and killed by the Uber near Curry Road and Mill Avenue around 10 p.m. Sunday night.

Herzberg was rushed to the hospital, where she passed away due to injuries sustained from the collision.

Immediately following the incident, Uber announced that the company is going to suspend self-driving operations in Phoenix, Pittsburgh, Toronto and San Francisco, according to an Uber spokesperson.

This was reportedly the first person killed by a self-driving Uber after the company began testing the product in California back in 2016.

Uber CEO released the following statement following the news:

The Volvo SUV was equipped with a safety driver, in which the person has the "ability to take control of the vehicle at anytime," according to Uber.

The incident is still under investigation, where Tempe Police and Uber are in full cooperation with each other.

Arizona State University