ASU is officially one of the most sexually active colleges in America

Go Sun Devils

It is a very-well known fact that Arizona State University is #1 in innovation, but that is not the only accolade that we have; ASU also happens to be one of the top 20 colleges for another list.

According to College Stats, ASU is #13 on the list of sexually active colleges in this country, with each student having an average of 4.56 partners.

This is in comparison to the #1 school on the list, Temple University, where students have an average of 10.8 partners.

College Stats also interviewed 2,000 students from colleges about their sexual experiences, and here are some of the things they found through their research.

On average, men had about 14 sexual partners whereas women had less than 12. However, when specifically asked about their time in college, men and women both averaged at about 5 partners. This means that about 35% of a man’s partners come from college and 43% for a woman.

Another interesting fact that was discussed is the idea that you are exposed to many more people than you think. College Stats stated that, for every 13 people you sleep with, those 13 partners of yours are likely to have had a similar number of encounters. If you count in those 12 others for each partner of yours, on average, you are exposed to about 150 different people.

This previous statistic shows the importance of using protection, which is another thing that was discussed. When asked how often they use protection during sexual intercourse, 38% said always, 24% said usually, 15% said never, 14% said sometimes, and 4% said only when their partner asks.

As busy as students are in college, they seem to definitely find time for certain extracurricular activities, and it is definitely interesting to see just what is happening with the college students on campuses around this country.


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