ASU basketball fan rubs mayonnaise on his nipples to distract opposing team at Saturday’s game

It didn’t work

There are few places mayonnaise belongs: on sandwiches, in tuna salad, mixed with ketchup, and in jars. Notice that ‘smothered all over your chest’ was not one of the options.

It appears that no one informed this Arizona State basketball fan, who brought a jar of mayo into a basketball game and proceeded to rub the condiment all over his nipple with a spoon during Arizona State’s matchup against Arizona on Saturday, March 4th.

With about four minutes left the second quarter, the University of Arizona’s Allonzo Trier lined up to take a free throw, only to have this energetic basketball fan reveal himself to the crowd and players alike.

The fan was taking part in an Arizona State basketball tradition: the Curtain of Distraction. Arizona State basketball fans are known for coming up with weird and outrageous ways to distract their opponents during free throws, from bringing in It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia actor Charlie Day to reincarnating Elvis Presley, the Curtain of Distraction works to do exactly what the name suggests: keep the other team from being able to maintain focus on their free throws.

The internet has had mixed reactions:

Savage, sexy, or typical Arizona State behavior? The world may never know for sure. Unfortunately, Mayo boy’s attempts to derail Arizona’s free throws was ultimately unsuccessful. Despite his best efforts, Trier made both of his free throws at the 3:56 minute mark.

Over the game, Arizona ended up making 23 out of their 32 free throws, and beat Arizona State with a final score of 73-60.

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