Why has ASU updated the Sun Devil stadium Wi-Fi, but not the one on campus?

‘ASU needs to remember that they are an academic institution first and not just simply a sports center’

It is no secret that ASU’s on campus Wi-Fi is the worst thing ever created. Attempting to do any last minute work while connected to this service is like hanging from a 50 foot building by a piece of floss. The lack of dependable Wi-Fi is a stressor in students’ academic life.

Since students are top priority, it is assumed that ASU would look into providing better Wi-Fi service for them.

Well, no, not exactly. ASU has decided that the Sun Devil Stadium Wi-Fi was not efficient enough and has updated it. Now, I’m not sure about anyone else but I have never once attempted to do research at the Sun Devils stadium.

If ASU’s main concern is its students, it would be more beneficial to provide Wi-Fi where the campus is most populated – the Memorial Union, the library, and classrooms.

Syera Torain, 19, Urban Planning and Chinese minor

“I think that is ridiculous! I fully understand that sports contributes a lot of money and recognition to this school, however, it is a school! They should care about the quality over campus Wi-Fi to ensure students have the best learning and studying experiences. Exams are suspended or assignments turned in late because of this. They have their priorities completely backwards. By ASU improving the stadium wifi over the campus Wi-Fi, they are sending a message that academics are not their top priority.”

Ashli Matthews, 19, Civil Engineering

“The Wi-Fi here is really spotty and not all that fast, if I’m honest. It’s so slow and I feel like my computer freezes a lot because of the spotty connection. I especially hate when the wifi turns off in the middle of an assignment. It just prevents me from doing my homework. The Wi-Fi here is stupid. I can’t believe we pay so much to go to school here when half time I have to use my own mobile hotspot.

“I feel that ASU is not thinking about their students. Updating the stadium’s Wi-Fi will only please visitors and students who attend sport events. I don’t understand why they are updating the stadium’s Wi-Fi when people will not be using it on a daily basis, like the campus Wi-Fi.”


Ashley Wan, 19, Biochemistry

“I bet adding better Wi-Fi to the stadium was seen as a necessity because everyone hates bad Wi-Fi.  What else can you do when you have thousands of people attending games and events held in the stadium?  You have to cater to their broadband needs. Especially with the amount of money the stadium brings in.  However, ASU needs to remember that they are an academic institution first and not just simply a sports center”.

Arizona State University