ASU student arrested for animal abuse

He was allegedly hitting a caged puppy with a metal rod

An Arizona State University student, 21-year-old Shundong Hu was arrested Wednesday night after his neighbor reported hearing an animal in distress.

According to ABC the neighbor had been hearing the noise since November but could not pin point where it came from. Wednesday night the witness tracked the source of the noise and found Hu hitting the puppy, with a metal rod, while it was in a cage.

Tempe Det. Lily Duran said the puppy had multiple skull fractures, lacerations and abrasions on the head and shoulders, swelling of both eyes, and a broken tooth.

The puppy is expected to survive his injures and will be put up for adoption once he is fully recovered. He’s currently in foster care.

Tempe police have also found two cats in Hu’s apartment with abrasions that were also taken in and examined by a trauma hospital.

One cat was said to have had a dislocated eye and the other had extreme mouth pain and both had to be sedated for further examination.

Hu was booked into jail on felony animal cruelty charges.

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