Everything that happened when Donald Trump Jr spoke at ASU

Like father like Trump

With the US election creeping closer and closer, candidates are pulling out all the stops in a last minute attempt to win over voters who are sitting on the fence.

On Thursday, controversial, multimillionaire businessman Donald Trump Jr graced Arizona State University’s Tempe campus to promote his father.

It was declared that this crowd was bigger than Chelsea Clinton’s the previous week (not true), and how Hillary took a speakers’ fee of half a million dollars when she spoke here not too long ago. The crowd booed, jeered, and started to chant, “Lock her up”. The petty insults and jibes had begun.


There was then a group prayer followed by several guest speakers, before welcoming the infamous Sheriff Joe Arpaio to the stage. Sheriff Joe, who’s soon to be charged with criminal contempt of court for defying a judge’s orders to end his signature immigration patrols in Arizona, warmed up the crowd. His reasons he gave for supporting Donald Trump, were that he likes he’s an outspoken guy, he has a “feeling” about him, and they share the same birthday, which definitely makes sense.

Congressman Raul Labrador (yes, like the dog) took the stage, telling the crowd his rags to riches story, raised by a single mother in Puerto Rico to making his way into Congress. He spoke of how the Democrats don’t believe in the American Dream, and that “the system is rigged”. Labrador then told the crowd that Donald Trump is the only candidate who can change America left in this race and how he would save the next generation.


The man of the hour arrived. Trump Jr took centre stage, and the crowd went wild. The classic “U-S-A” echoed throughout the room, before simmering down to let him begin. He spoke of his father’s love for his country and how he wants equal opportunities for people of all ethnicity’s and backgrounds. He spoke of the corruption in Washington D.C, and how the politicians are responsible for the “problems”, the debt and the dodgy deals.


He went on to describe Hillary as “the most corrupt candidate in the history of American politics”, despite the fact his father is currently refusing to publish his tax returns. He finished up with a reminder to vote for his father, and together they can “make America great again”.

That was it. He left the podium, to return minutes later to sign autographs and shake hands.

He addressed none of his father’s policies, and how they would help the American people. He simply slated Hillary and the Democrats, rambled on and complained about the current government. Was it enough to fire up current Trump supporters and get them passionate about the cause? Yes. Was it enough to swing any Hillary voters, or any undecided members of the public? Absolutely not.


Arizona State University