Brother Dean was just arrested on the hill after kicking female student

He was taken away by campus police around 12:30pm

Brother Dean has been handcuffed on the hill after allegedly kicking a female student in the chest.

The controversial preacher, who was involved in the incident at around 12pm today was taken away by police half an hour later.

Mackenzie Brandt, the student who was assaulted by Brother Dean exclusively told The Tab: “I approached him, and before I could say anything he stood up and kicked me straight in the chest, I wasn’t able to get any words out and I didn’t use any violence or steal anything of his.”

Kyana Ray Robles, a sophomore who saw the events unfold said: “My friends and I had just walked out of class at 11:50 and he was preaching, as he always does and a girl ran up to him and he stood up and kicked her in the chest. It was an immediate reaction.

“That’s when another bystander called the police because she also witnessed what had happened.”

Maya Sabbagah and  Claire Mckary both UA students said: “We watched him holding a sign yesterday saying if you masturbate you’ll go to hell(laughter), we came toward the end of things today. We heard he was threatening to punch people and then apparently he kicked that girl in the chest.”

According to a university employee, he was “saying nasty things” to the female student, before the incident began.  Crime prevention officer Rene Hernandez confirmed to the Tab that Brother Dean was arrested and booked for assault shortly before 1pm today.

The victim is believed to be a member of AEΦ, but this is yet to be confirmed.

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