Meet the UoA sophomore with her own jewelry and clothing lines

Being out-charmed with Samara Rosenthal

As a 21-year-old girl who is into clothing, accessories, style and fashion, I am always looking for unique people and places to be inspired by. University of Arizona sophomore Samara Rosenthal is on the opposite end of this relationship – she desires to inspire. She created a business of her own in which people can purchased accessories and clothing personalized for their own liking. The products are as unique as the hands at work, which makes the products that much more exclusive.

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The name of her business is Outcharmed and with her original merchandise consisting of chokers and necklaces decorated with charms, beads and stones, Samara determined the name of her business. She quickly expanded to customizing clothing with leather and other materials in order to embrace her own artistic talents and creativity. Although Samara is here in Tucson, Outcharmed is an online shop in which products can be purchased nationwide and shipped cross country.

“I had been making chokers for myself for a while and then started making them for my friends because they all loved them as well. I have only been selling items for about two months, so I primarily use Facebook and Instagram as my advertising methods right now. I am hoping to create a website very soon though,” said Rosenthal.

Rosenthal pays close attention to detail in her work – even determining the most appealing way for wire to be wrapped around a stone for a necklace. This goes to show her products are handcrafted to the order of the customer and are made with passion and creativity.

“I first saw shirts like the ones I now make at this store in California called LF. They were over $100, and I knew I could make them on my own for way cheaper because they are just decorated t-shirts,” Samara explains.

Hannah Chamberlin sports a unique Outcharmed necklace she personalized to her own liking.

Hannah Chamberlin sports a unique Outcharmed necklace she personalized to her own liking.

An Outcharmed product makes for a great gift for women of any age with any taste. I created a choker necklace for one of my young cousins, while Samara’s own grandmother rocks an embellished choker to support her business. The customized merchandise makes Outcharmed stand out amongst similar establishments, and will make any outfit stand out as well. The products look great with simple wardrobe choices, as well as more dramatic ones. They are decorative, but neutral enough to be paired with any kind of outfit.

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