VOTE: This is your Elite Eight in the competition to be crowned UA’s best bar

Voting closes Monday, March 20th

Last week we launched March Madness, UA style — a competition for the ultimate title as UA’s best bar. After a grueling week of competition and the votes pouring in, we’ve finally reached our top eight bars.

Cast your votes for your favorite bar so they can make it to the Final Four. Voting for this round ends Monday, March 20th at 5pm.

Innisfree vs. Houndstooth

Innisfree went up against Moes in the first round and won with a whopping 72% of the votes. Innis is where everyone loves to go on game day and, frankly, every other day as well. Houndstooth only beat Red Shed by 17 votes. This was a close race, but Houndstooth reigns victorious.

Harry’s vs. 3000Bar

Harry’s beat out Jackie’s in their match up with 72% of the votes. Obviously everyone loves the beloved paint buckets and $3 Four Lokos. But 3000Bar barely took the crown in its pair up with Egan’s. 3000Bar won by a difference of seven votes. Seven votes, y’all! The daiquiris prevail.

Gallettes vs. Bear Trap Rooftop

Gallettes went up against Rounders in the first round and won with 61% of the votes. Yellow Hammers and Wine Wednesday made this a pretty easy competition for Gallettes.

Bear Trap Rooftop went against its sibling, Bear Trap Dungeon. The rooftop won by an astonishing 92% of the vote. Rooftop Bingo and the overall atmosphere were obviously the deciding factors in this race.

Black Warrior Brewing vs. El Rincon

Black Warrior beat out Loosa with 56% of the votes. It’s clear that our local brewery is valued in this community. El Rincon went up against Fuzzy’s in their competition to see who had the best margs. El Rincon won this battle with 76% of the votes. Flavors over quality is apparently what we desire.

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