We asked UA if getting hit by a Crimson Ride bus means the university pays your tuition

Let’s finally put this to bed

We’ve all heard someone complain about tuition costs and then calmly exclaim something along the lines of, “Maybe I’ll just go jump in front the bus so UA will pay my tuition.” While we all understand the struggles of paying tuition, we also know that getting hit by a bus isn’t anything to strive for.

But we wondered – is this rumor true? Will UA actually pay for your tuition if you get hit by one of the Crimson Ride buses? So, before any desperate student goes to fling themselves in front of a UA bus, we checked the facts.

We asked James Knickrehm, Associate Director at UA Transportation Services, what the university would do in this instance. His answer was short and, well, rather pointed.

“It’s not accurate that such an incident results in free tuition,” Knickrehm said.

That’s it, folks. This rumor has officially been debunked, and we can all sleep a little worse now that we know there is no way out of student-loan burdens. So stay alert while crossing the street so that you don’t get hit by the big crimson and white deathtraps and get burdened with medical bills on top of tuition.

University of Alabama