A 6-week-old rescue puppy named Daisy is this week’s big pet on campus

She’s still looking to be adopted

Meet Daisy, the 6-week-old rescue pup capturing the hearts of Quad goers everywhere. The little black pup’s sociability gets her all the attention, especially when she sprints to the next potential petter. That’s why Daisy is this week’s big pet on campus.

Her life didn’t exactly have a happy beginning. Daisy was found wrapped in a plastic bag with her siblings, but they were rescued, nursed back to health and now they’re ready to be adopted. Now Miss Daisy spends her days galavanting around the Quad in search of the nearest person to love her.

This tiny Alabama fan is definitely in the running for being the most pampered pup on campus. This is how she spends her day.

Modeling on the Quad with a little help from her sidekick, Denny-Chimes.

Cuddling with people ALL. OF. THE. TIME.

Sleeping anywhere, really.

Trying to figure out how she’s going to take over the feline world.

Sticking her tongue out to all her haters.

If you’d like to adopt Daisy or any of her siblings, please contact Gypsy Canine Rescue at [email protected] or contact the author at [email protected]

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