They’re calling for snow in Alabama and people are having a meltdown

Bring it on

The south is a gem. For the most part we seem to have our ducks in a row, that is, until the four letter word “snow”—roughly translated into apocalypse—is used by our meteorologists. There is nothing quite like the south during a winter storm because, without fail, we are always significantly unprepared. Our northern allies scoff at our premature closures of schools, businesses and roads and, well, they should.

Alabama, along with many other southern states, is expecting “snow” over the next fews days, so naturally, we panic. Our bread is gone. Our milk section? Rampaged. Our water bottles? Vanished. “How much snow do y’all have?” you ask. Well…I mean…like…maybe…possibly…um…none? Yet, panic mode is still well underway on twitter.

There is, of course, the shock and general disbelief.

Then came the insightful, who have probably seen this happen time after time even when there is barely a dusting.

Some pointed out how unstable Alabama weather can be and how we’ve all come to accept this fact.

The catch phrase of the last eight years.

Some people might say that this guy is over-exaggerating, but sadly he isn’t.

One person perfectly summed up how eager we are to get our winter coats out and be fashionable as hell.

Work it Aretha. 

Naturally, the talk of rummaging through the grocery stores began.

We do know that milk and bread are basically number one and two on the list of what expires the fastest, right?

What’s the point of snow if school can’t be cancelled?

Then there were the people hoping that all this overreacting and over-exaggerating would actually pay off and that we would actually get snow…

…we probably won’t.

Then the people everyone hates.


As if #snowpocalypse2014 wasn’t enough.

Will we even get snow? Probably just a dusting. Will we still halt all life? Most definitely. Bring it on #snowpocalypse2017. We’re ready for you, kind of.

University of Alabama