Alabama head coach Nick Saban said he didn’t even know Tuesday was election day

He’s just too busy winning national championships

It’s been difficult to escape the nonstop coverage of the 2016 presidential election, but Alabama head coach (and our fearless leader) Nick Saban did just that. In fact, he wasn’t even aware the entire nation headed to the polls on November 8th to vote for our next president.

At a press conference on Wednesday, Saban said, “Well to be honest with you, I didn’t even know yesterday was election day. It was so important to me that I didn’t even know it was happening. We’re focused on other things here.”

Although it’s almost impossible to imagine someone could have blocked out the election and its major players, Saban said he still isn’t picking sides.

“I don’t really make political comments. If I say I like one person, that means everybody that voted for the other person doesn’t like me. So, why would I do that? I want what’s best for our country. I’m not sure I can figure that out.

“I want what’s best for people who want to improve the quality of their life. I hope whoever our leader is will do all that he can do to make our country safe and improve the quality of life for a lot of the people we have in our country and I don’t think I am qualified to determine who that should be.”

Honestly, he has bigger things to worry about. Like, I don’t know, winning national championships. #roadto17

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