There’s no place quite like Tuscaloosa in the fall

It’s no coincidence the leaves turn crimson

Tuscaloosa is and will always be a magical place to be in the fall season. With football and the accompanying autumn weather (and of course the Halloween parties), Tuscaloosa is the best college town in October and November.

Here are a few things that make Tuscaloosa, Alabama, such a wonderful college in the fall.

Going to football games

Obviously, this is one of the most magical things about T-Town in the fall.


Spending the day laying by the Black Warrior River

Ah, the Black Warrior. What a great place for dog walking, running, or taking a nap in an Enu in the autumn sun.


Walking to class

OK, admit it. Even walking to class is fun in the fall. With the gentle breeze and the adorable clothes, everyone looks so cozy. That…and no more backpack sweat.


Halloween parties at the University of Alabama are some of the most fun events you’ll ever attend. Pledges dressed up as whatever their brothers tell them to? Hilarious.


The aforementioned pledges

In the fall, pledge activity really rises with the football season, which means the likelihood of you seeing young men dressed up as secret service or rolling around with a Dora the Explorer backpack are higher.

The leaves

No one in Tuscaloosa thinks it’s a coincidence that the leaves turn crimson in the fall, am I right?


Fall break

One of the greatest things about going to college are the breaks from going to college.

The weather

Football games become bearable, finally. You can eat outside without melting, and your makeup stays on even when you’re walking from the newly built North Lawn hall to Reese Phifer on the other side of campus.

Boots, boots and more boots

Gone are the days of Chacos and Nike shorts. Welcome boots, jeans (read: leggings) and scarves.



It’s worth mentioning twice because after all, Tuscaloosa is a drinking town with a football problem. And we wouldn’t have it any other way.


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