The best and worst online reviews of UA

Buckle up, ladies and gents

We all know that our dear University of Alabama is a great place to go to school. We also all know, like any university, that it has its qualms.

For example, on the review website Niche, we scored an overall grade of A, but an A+ for our party scene and athletics. Turn up.

But the real fun came when we turned to the actual reviews. Some were good and some were bad…so, so bad.

Some didn’t even make sense or were mysteriously vague

What is “this?” Should we be concerned that “this” is too big? Please get back to me, I’m genuinely concerned.

Intrigued. Please say more.

Some showed we don’t have any spelling/grammar classes here at UA

I believe you mean “recommend,” but I could be wrong.

“Has” maybe? As in, “I has enjoyed my experience here too.” Oh wait, that isn’t right either. Thanks, UA.

Sorority is a hard word to spell, I’ll give you that, but “soriety?” And “sorors?” Is this a new abbreviation the kids are saying?

We’ve all been here

What is a job? Bills? I have to pay those? Help.

I’m sorry we failed you

Hit me up if you need a hug.

The loyal fans

I mean, really, need we say more?

That sounds dangerous, please seek help.

On the facilities

Do you work out, bro?

No one cares about your opinion, freshmen, so gtfo.

This honest statement all around

The bigger question is why did they only give us three stars?

This traitor

We don’t talk about the Machine. Duh.

Then there were the Yelp reviews


We don’t want you here anyway, Jason E. Jeez.

University of Alabama