Finding love in the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange group

Move over Tinder, we have a new online dating destination

Looking for a game day date or possibly someone to take home to meet the ‘rents this Thanksgiving break? Tinder is no longer the online dating app to use.

Meet the potential prospects on the Alabama Student Ticket Exchange Facebook page looking for love. It’s basically an Alabama fairytale.

The tequila aficionado

Everyone knows, if tequila is involved, the night has already peaked. Though, if you needed more convincing, she also enjoys eating at Wendy’s. We all know the best part about a game day or formal date is being able to eat drunchies with them after a night out.

The selfie expert

Your entire night will be documented on her Snapchat story, guaranteeingĀ that even if you do black out, you’ll know exactly what happened and when it happened.

The charitable soul

A completely selfless act that honestly shouldn’t have anyone thinking twice about this offer. Donate and go on a date. It’s that simple.

6’1″ and great hygiene

This potential date is described by his friend as a guy with a perfect jawline and ferocious red hair. Also, take note of his height and good hygiene. So, if you like tall guys who smell good and have killer jawlines, hit him up. His friend guarantees it’ll be the night of your life.

The boom boom room lover

If you’ve been practicing Drake’s One Dance in your room and are looking to show it off in public with someone, this is the ideal date for you. She doesn’t really mind how tall you are either, so this is a rare gem date indeed.

The ‘take home to mom’ date

She’s fun and flirty, has great style and is guaranteed to impress your parents if you take her home for a weekend.

CrossFit obsessed

He’s fit, tall and will impress your friends with his fun party skills. What else could you want in a game day date? Prepare to talk about fitness, though, since he’s described as someone who “lives at the gym.”

Guaranteed to buy you food

Honestly, what else is there to consider? Food is the ticket to all of our hearts.

Friend request

This person states he’s looking for a “buddy” to the game. Whether male or female, it doesn’t really matter, though he does prefer a female buddy. If you’re down, message him, and if you’re not – well, just appreciate the confused Kobe meme used in the comments section.

Guaranteed to buy you wine

Who doesn’t like wine? He makes a valid point.

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