Alabama Football tickets sold out within minutes and people are not happy

‘More competitive than trying to buy the Kylie Jenner lip kit’

At 7am today, football ticket packages for next season went on sale. UA students set alarms, pushed back papers and charged all of their devices in preparation for the big moment.

There are 37,000 students at Alabama. Students knew not everyone would get ticket packages, but no one expected tickets to sell out within minutes. And people were not happy.

Some people pointed out the ticket sellout was “classic Alabama” because, well, we’re the best.

A lot of people even set their alarms. We can’t always wake up for our 8ams, but there’s no way we’re missing out on tickets.

A few poor souls had downright bad luck.

Some students made references to the Hunger Games.

Or they compared it to other pop culture icons.

And some people vented to anyone (@everyone) who would listen – including Twitter hero Kathleen, who tweeted at the UA Arbor Day Ceremony.

A few villains posted their ticket packages for sale on the Alabama Ticket Exchange Facebook page, but most students were quick to call them out.

The good news? It looks like a few tickets are still being distributed, which means if you didn’t get a ticket package the first time around, maybe you’re about to get lucky. But remember, we’re lucky anyway. We don’t go to Auburn.

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