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Every school has professors who sexually harass their students – we want to expose them

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In the last few days, a Princeton professor has been exposed for sexually harassing one of his students. Sergio Verdu, 59, is an Engineering professor at one of the world's top universities – he invited his 23-year-old student to his home, encouraged her to drink wine and watch an explicit film. And then he tried to make a move on her.

Sadly, there are other professors out there forcing themselves on younger women, taking advantage of their positions of power, expecting to get away with it.

The revelations of Harvey Weinstein's decades of abuse has prompted other women and men to step forward and demand justice in Hollywood, media and academia.

If you want help exposing your professors, teachers or colleagues for abusive conduct, contact Harry Shukman on [email protected].

We'll take you seriously, investigate your story and do everything we can to get it out there.