How to plan out your work over Thanksgiving break so you don’t have a crazy amount to do

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Going home for Thanksgiving break is amazing in so many ways. There's a shit-ton of food, lounging around in sweatpants, and really great TV. In the back of your head though, there's all that work you have to get done. Finals are right around the corner and your professors are piling on the work in advance. It's cruel, but you've somehow got to get it done even though you just want to live on the couch for five days. Here's how to plan your schoolwork out over Thanksgiving break.

Get started at school

Obviously the last thing you want to do with your break fast approaching is start those Thanksgiving assignments, but just give them a go. You don't have to make serious strides in them. Just start them. It's so much easier to get going when you've got the groundwork done.

Use your trip time

You're not doing much else on your flight or train ride home so might as well take another stab at that assignment. You'll want to hang out with your friends and fam as soon as you get into town so use the time you have alone.

Take time off

Once you've got some work under your belt, take Thanksgiving and the day after for yourself. Eat too much, stay in your sweatpants, eat leftover pie for breakfast and don't think about work. It is Thanksgiving break after all.

Hit the ground running over the weekend

Once Saturday comes, it's time to get back to work. Try to have your assignments in the near-finished stages by the time you get to campus. Finals are going to come at you fast and furious so just prepare yourself as much as you can, while still enjoying the much needed time at home.