Frat president dressed up as Trump and chased ‘immigrant’ at party in Alabama

The frat is now under investigation

A fraternity in Alabama has been exposed for hosting a “disgraceful” party where a member dressed as Donald Trump and chased students pretending to be immigrants.

FarmHouse, a fraternity at Troy University, hosted a Halloween party that saw the chapter president dress up in a suit, Trump mask and MAGA hat, and round up students posing as Mexicans.

The frat is now under investigation by the university, who said they were alerted to footage of the party yesterday.

The Tab has been passed the video of the party, which shows FarmHouse President Andrew Dearing pretending to be Trump.

Troy University frat president dresses up as Trump

Alabama frat president dresses up as Trump and 'chases immigrants' at party

Posted by The Tab US on Thursday, November 2, 2017

The video begins with a Snapchat still of FarmHouse advertising a party at theirs footage Tuesday, “TONIGHT AT FH!”

The second shot of the video shows a man identified by three Troy students as Andrew Dearing, chasing a partygoer pretending to be an immigrant over the backyard wall. He is followed by two students in the guise of border patrol agents.

“When you ask them to build the wall,” reads the caption.

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A student identified as Khalil Monroe, wearing a sombrero and poncho, is shown in the third shot, having been “arrested” by a border guard. He shouts: “Pesos accepted! Pesos accepted!”

The caption reads: “Got him.”

We have contacted FarmHouse President Andrew Dearing, who sat on Troy’s student government last year, for comment. He has deleted his Twitter and Instagram.

A rep for Troy University told us: “The actions shown in this video are under investigation by the Dean of Student Services and the Office of Student Involvement.”

They added that the national FarmHouse organization has been alerted.

Students who have seen the video have spoken to The Tab to call the video “totally unacceptable.”

“This situation is a disgrace to the university,” said Kayla Patrick, a senior at Troy. “I’m sure nothing will be done about it like every other time one of our international students have had to deal with racial slurs and other incidents.

“For the former SGA president and FarmHouse fraternity to feel like this skit is appropriate and funny is totally unacceptable. They are major faces of our university and however they may feel, they are all prominent figures at Troy. I hate that the faces of Troy are representing us in such a hateful and horrible light, and personally I am very sorry and hope that our international students know that not all of us are this hateful.”

“This is unacceptable and should not go unnoticed,” added Kiona Ceaser, a senior at Troy. “There are many issues that go unnoticed, but when a group of our peers (especially a few that are recognized as leaders of the university) publicly bash and attack another group of individuals, the university should not take the situation lightly. Imagine feeling uncomfortable and unwanted at a school you pride and have made your home away from home.

“When I saw this video I was outraged,” said Khadidah Stone, also a senior. “How could someone be so cruel? Deportation is not a joking matter, families are torn apart everyday and they wanted to make a joke out of it. I feel sorry for these sick individuals in the video who feel as if it is a laughing matter. This is an injustice and it needs to be dealt with appropriately. It is wrong and I am standing up against the bigotry, standing up against the hate, standing up against the ignorance and standing up for what is right.”


The CEO of FarmHouse, Christian Wiggins, has contacted The Tab with a statement to say:

“We are disturbed by news that those members wore insensitive costumes and performed an offensive skit. This behavior is not consistent with FarmHouse principles, and we are coordinating with the University and chapter to further investigate these concerns.

“FarmHouse at Troy is a diverse organization, and the men pride themselves on bringing individuals together from all different backgrounds. We will not tolerate discrimination in any form and once the investigation is complete will ensure that members involved are held accountable through our conduct process.”

The FarmHouse local chapter added:

“We sincerely apologize for the actions that occurred during an event at the fraternity house on Oct. 31. These actions fall well short of the standards we expect of our members, and the individuals responsible will face appropriate disciplinary action.

“We deeply regret the hurt caused to members of our Troy community, and we are working closely with University officials to ensure something like this does not happen again. We will learn from this and take steps to regain the trust of the University and community.


“The Brothers of FarmHouse at TROY”