Proud dad overjoyed to find his son’s fake ID confiscated in liquor store

Does this guy not look like the most dad-like dad on earth

There are some parents out there who celebrate their kids' successes by wearing t-shirts that say "college mom" or slapping bumper stickers praising their snotty kids for being on the honor roll.

But Wade Grundemeyer, the dad of a 20-year-old, went one step further by celebrating his kid's fake ID being confiscated in a liquor store and pinned onto the wall.

Wade, who could not look more like a suburban dad if his life depended on it (check out his rad-as-hell soul patch), posted: "That proud dad moment when you go to the liquor store and find your son's confiscated fake ID displayed on the wall of shame."

Just hours earlier, Wade posted: "Happy bday to my 20 year old. Continue to make me proud. Love ya."

The liquor store has been identified as Merit Fine Wine & Liquor in Montclair, New Jersey:

Wade is now well on his way to becoming a sex symbol: