I won a bet with my university and now they have to hang up this terrible photo of me until I graduate

‘I honestly cannot believe they hung this picture up’

A student with awful taste in clothes has won a bet with his college, and now they have to keep this picture up in the library until he graduates:

Dave Leonard challenged his school to a bet – 1000 retweets for his portrait hung up in the library.

He won, so now they have to keep up this work of art on their walls until he graduates:

Dave and his art

Dave and his art

Dave, who wrote the book on pulling off pink shirts and blue shorts, said: "I honestly cannot believe they hung this picture up. I thought I came to BYU to get a Bachelor's Degree, but I've now realized it was for this. I am positive I am happier today than I will be on graduation day in April."

Speaking to The Tab, Dave said:

"It was really cool. The librarians were definitely hesitant but as long as it wasn’t inappropriate or anything they didn’t really get to have a say. I had a group of friends and my family come over for the unveiling. I’ve gotten a great reaction from other students and friends who just can’t believe the photo is actually up. It made a summer full of watching Photoshop tutorials well worth it."