Student banned from using college internet after illegally downloading Rick and Morty

Oh jeez Rick

A student has been banned from using his university's internet because he illegally downloaded Rick and Morty.

The student, whose name is Kyle (surely Kyle has to be the name of a kid most likely to get punished for illegally downloading Rick and Morty), was contacted by his school and Cartoon Network for torrenting the show.

They tracked his IP address to his dorm room and gave him 24 hours' notice before his internet is disconnected.

'Your network access will be disconnected in 24 hours'

'Your network access will be disconnected in 24 hours'

His college has also said he may face "more serious penalties" if they discover Kyle has previous violations – I'm guessing every episode of American Dad and terabytes upon terabytes of porn.

Kyle posted on r/LegalAdvice asking for help after Cartoon Network and San Francisco State University demanded he stop illegally torrenting a show that's alright but has a truly awful fanbase.

He said:

"I torrented and my university wifi provider caught me. I have 24 hours to reply with some reason or else they will disconnect me. I attached a link to the email they sent me. What should I tell them?? I'm honestly thinking about just telling them that I don't contain that media file on my laptop and secure empty trashing it. Again PLEASE TELL ME WHAT I SHOULD DO. and of course THANK YOU REDDIT!!!!"

Kyle was trying to download Season 3 Episode 10 – a disappointing episode anyway.

^ Not even the best sode in the series

^ Not even the best sode in the series

We have contacted Kyle for comment.

To be fair, you have to have a very high IQ to understand Rick and Morty…