Nobody knows why Jaden Smith has been in MIT classes all day

He went to Introduction to Solid State Chemistry

Human meme Jaden Smith went to MIT today, for reasons that have yet to become fully clear.

He has sat in on a few classes like 3.091, or Introduction to Solid State Chemistry.

Nobody knows what he's doing there, and a lot of MIT kids are pretty confused:

Jarod Wilson, a sophomore at MIT told The Tab: "He was just there with two bodyguards. The two main rumors going around are that it's because Willow is interested in going here, or because he wants to have an office here. It sounds dumb but it's also Jaden Smith so…"

A lot of what Jaden Smith does and says is famously odd, so him turning up to MIT for the hell of it isn't that out of character:

See you in the afternoon for Commutative Algebra.