Mark your calendars: Queso is coming to a Chipotle near you next week

Queso is coming

The best things in life aren't free — they're "a $1.80 extra for guac, is that okay?" Or at least they used to be.

Starting September 12, Chipotle will begin selling their highly anticipated queso dip nationwide and all I have to say is it's about goddamn time.

Chipotle customers have been asking for queso for years, and after what must have been a positive trial run in California and Colorado, they've finally decided to bless the rest of the nation with gooey, all-natural-ingredients-thank-you-for-asking goodness.

In a press release, Steve Ells, the founder and CEO of Chipotle explained why it took so long for them to add queso to the menu.

“Although queso was the number one requested menu item, we never added it to our menu before now because we wouldn’t use the industrial additives used in most quesos,” said Ells.

Gone are the days of defending Qdoba as the better restaurant simply because it gives you the option to smother your burrito in melted, cheesy sauce.

The playing field has leveled, the gods have spoken, and queso is coming.