Professor sends angry email to students for skipping class — then realizes it was an online course

The emails go from ‘disappointed’ to ‘I’m sorry’

Yesterday, Lauren Mettel, a college student in Ohio, tweeted a pair of hilarious emails sent to her by a professor who believed the entire class had skipped the first day of lecture.

At 10:34 the professor sent the first email chiding the class for their poor attendance.

"Today was the first day of class and nobody showed up," the email said. "If this is how you will act the entire semester, feel free to drop my course."

No more than 15 minutes later, the professor sent a second email to explain a minor misunderstanding: the class was online and attendance was not required.

"It has just come to my attention that this is an online course. No in person class time is required," the email explained.

The professor went on to apologize for the "rude email," and asked the students to please forgive the oversight.

Since posting the emails, Lauren's tweet has gone viral. True to form, the good people of Twitter replied with the finest memes.

Lauren did not immediately respond when we reached out for comment.