Watch this student hoax a class of freshmen into thinking he’s their professor

He tried to teach them about John Mayer’s law

Here it is, the greatest college prank in history – a student pretended to be a professor and got away with it for nearly half the class:

Student pranks entire class

This student pranked a class of freshmen by pretending to be their professor

Posted by The Tab US on Monday, August 28, 2017

This is the work of a student prankster at the University of Tennessee called Levi Nottingham, who together with his friend Jeremy Anantharaj, hoaxed a group of clueless freshmen into thinking he was Dr John Long, the actual teacher.

Levi and Jeremy spent hours perfecting a fake syllabus and professor outfit complete with a wig, dress shoes and a briefcase to fool the class.

They managed to get away with it for a full 17 minutes before the real professor turned up late – but not before they managed to teach the freshmen about bogus math like "John Mayer's law."

Speaking to The Tab, Jeremy said: "Me and Levi have done a lot of stuff messing with people on campus. We'll pull pranks on our friends and our friends' friends. We both have wigs and disguises to dress up and mess with people."

When the real Dr Long finally arrived, he looked at the board and said: "This isn't mathematical reasoning" and walked out with Levi.

He made his escape and ran into another building's bathroom to strip off his professor outfit and walked away "like nothing ever happened."

Levi and Jeremy think it worked because it was the freshmen's first day of class.

"On your first day, you're not going to stand up to the teacher or anything," said Jeremy. Even if they knew something was wrong, they wouldn't have said anything."

Levi thinks it was the best prank they've ever done. "We're both seniors," he added, "so we wanted to go out with a bang and do something legendary."

Check out their work here.