These freshmen put up signs in their dorm to get free food and it worked

It’s a modern-day retelling of Romeo and Juliet

Here is a play in three acts: two genius freshmen managed to get free food sent to them by putting up a sign in their dorm window.

It began when Emma Skye Phipps, a freshman at Texas State, put up the words "BRING FOOD 449" in her dorm window, to which the guys in the room below said: "WHAT KIND OF FOOD?"

"ANYTHING TBH WE FAT" was the response, followed by "HOW FAT ARE WE TALKING?"

"SLIM THICC" came the reply, and then: "WIT YO CUTE ASS?"

This is basically the most romantic thing to happen since Romeo serenaded Juliet underneath her balcony.

And it worked: Emma told The Tab that the guys in the room below brought her ramen noodles for free.

The Business and Interior Design major said: "Me, my roommate Maddie and my friend from Illinois went down to their room. As soon as we knocked on their door, one of the guys opened and showed us the tweet I posted."

"They're really funny," she added. "We're probably going to be friends with them for the rest of the year."

She got so many retweets from her post that her phone is now glitching.

And people are loving it: