Why drink your morning joe when you can throw it in Alex Jones’ face?

Some guy called him trash and then hurled his coffee at him

A public hero just stood up for everyone who doesn’t believe 9/11 is a conspiracy, and pelted his morning coffee at Alex Jones.

The mad tinfoil hatter himself was livestreaming in Seattle just now, doing his usual shtick (reading newspaper headlines and saying “these are the biggest cucks on the planet”), when a guy called him “trash” and threw his coffee all over him.

Alex Jones, who is famous for spouting rabid conspiracy theories on InfoWars (Pizzagate is real, fluoride in the water is turning frogs gay, Sandy Hook was a false flag massacre), periscoped the incident, which you can watch here from 3:40:

“Come here, coward, right here on camera,” Alex tells the passerby, after being called trash. “Tell people intellectually, who you are.”

“Intellectually, who I am?” he responds.

“Go ahead yeah,” says Alex.

“I’m your mama,” he says.

“This is what they’re turning people into, right here, a literal slave of the system,” begins Alex, and then he is assailed with a thermos full of coffee.

As the passerby walks away, Alex tries to have the last word: “This is brainwashing at work. I’m proud of this, this is who they are are. That’s why they’re allied with jihadis, because they hate the West so much. They hate the prosperity. He was physically grotesque. He was physically soul-sucked. He was physically empty.”

“I was attacked by a goblin creature!” he later posted.