Is Anthony Scaramucci angling for a job at Princeton?

His Twitter would suggest as much

Everyone knows Anthony Scaramucci is out of a job and looking for new work – White House Press Secretary is a tough act to follow, even for 10 days. After all, alimony doesn’t come cheap.

The jury’s out on where he’ll end up – but take a look at his Twitter and you’d be forgiven for thinking he’s looking for a job at Princeton.

Check it out, as spotted by Wired’s Ashley Feinberg:

Coincidentally, Princeton’s Office of Communications website says there are two vacancies – for director of media relations and media specialist.

Nonetheless, these positions have always been filled by seasoned journalists and editors with decades of experience in the industry of communications. So The Mooch may not stand much of a chance there.

We’ve contacted him and Princeton for comment and will update if we hear back.