Martin Shkreli ‘lied about studying at Columbia’

He actually went to Baruch

Martin Shkreli lied about going to Columbia, a court heard.

The beleaguered Pharma Bro, who is currently on trial for fraud, was accused of pretending to have studied at Columbia – when in fact he went to Baruch.

Testimony claimed Shkreli boasted to at least two investors that he "went" to Columbia.

But Columbia registrar Barry Kane told the court that a search of the university database found no sign of Shkreli ever attending.

"If there was an official enrollment, we would have a record of that enrollment," he said.

The defense said Shkreli audited a calculus class in the 2000/2001 academic year – which Kane was not able to confirm.

His trial got off to a shaky start when over a hundred potential jurors had to be dismissed as they could not be impartial.

One called him "the most hated man in America", "the face of corporate greed" and "a snake."

The trial continues Friday.