These are the best value colleges in America

Your parents will love this

It's a truth universally acknowledged that college in America is expensive. It starts with tens of thousands of dollars for the tuition alone, followed by accommodation, a meal plan, 3 nights a week at the bar, maybe even a casual weed habit. Before you know it, you're up to your eyeballs in thousands of dollars of debt.

But which are the colleges where entering into a lifetime of financial servitude to Sallie Mae is actually worth it?

In a new ranking, Time Magazine has kindly worked out which money-grabbing, degree-rewarding institution deserves your parents money the most.

Based on 27 distinct data points, they combined tuition prices with a wide range of factors like salary on graduation and percentage of students that receive need-based scholarships.

Here's the full ranking of the top 50 best value colleges in America: