Meet Liz Wheeler: The young American Right’s next big thing

‘I don’t hold back’

If you haven’t yet heard the star-spangled invective of Liz Wheeler‘s conservative talkshow, it’s just a matter of time. The self-styled “rockstar to millennials” has careened into the world of right-wing broadcasting, and at just 27, she’s become a massive voice of of the young American right. Millions have seen her videos – especially the Final Point segment, a searing finale to her show, Tipping Point. Enter Liz.

Liz Wheeler, host of Tipping Point on OAN

Tell me about Tipping Point, your show.

We have an hour long broadcast and come from a conservative perspective – I’m very open about that. It’s an opinion talk show, not straight news. But we try to cover the stories that the mainstream networks aren’t covering, to expose the abuse in government, corruption in our government officials. We try to stand up for the people who are the most overlooked. One of the main things we focus on, because I as the host am a young female millennial, is exposing the abuse and exploitation of women. It’s shocking how the mainstream networks don’t cover it very often. Whether they’re liberal and buy into the feminist talking points or whether they’re conservative and more focused on financial issues and national security, a lot of the stories that focus on the abuse of women don’t get covered. And we try to cover them whenever we can.

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Can you give me an example?

I’ll give you an example of something we’ve been covering for the last two or three weeks – that horrific story out of Michigan where that doctor was charged with female genital mutilation. She was cutting the genitals of that six-year-old Muslim girl. It’s absolutely the most horrific practice you can imagine. I don’t want to get too much into the graphics right here – although anybody interested in watching my show, I don’t hold back on describing what it is.

Essentially these little girls are taken by their parents to doctors, who under the table, without anesthesia, without permission from these girls – hold them down and cut off their genitals and sew them up to stifle their sexual capacity. It’s absolutely awful. Hundreds of thousands of women and girls are subject to this and it’s against federal law. It’s so strange – nobody talks about it. You’ll see it covered very sparingly on some more conservative-leaning networks. But the very same women who claim to stand up for women’s rights, for reproductive rights, for abuse of women, women’s health – all these feminists – they don’t talk about this at all. So we do, on our show.

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What’s your favorite video?

My favorite ones are probably to do with the topics I feel most strongly about and that’s Planned Parenthood and abortion. Some of the Final Points that I’ve done exposing the blatant lies of Planned Parenthood are my personal favorites because that’s a topic that hits very close to home. Those being my favorites, they don’t match up with the ones that tend to go viral. Those are the ones where I’m calling someone out, like A Day Without A Woman.

But those ones about Planned Parenthood are the ones I’m proudest of, because you can see the most direct impact on people’s lives. We hear stories of women who just didn’t know these facts about Planned Parenthood – they believe what it said to them. After they’ve been exposed to the truth, that Planned Parenthood is really about their own bottom line – they run this business based on blood money and their victims are unborn babies and women – once they learn those things, they learn about the other options, lives are saved. And that’s what I’m the most proud of.

The main flashpoint for conservative values clashing with others seems to be on campus – what do you think about the state of American colleges?

I think it’s cultural absurdity on college campuses right now. I always say if you want to know what the culture of our society is going to look like two years down the road, and what progressives are going to transform our society into, look at college campuses. They talk about free speech, they talk about safe spaces – college campuses are the places where I would feel the least safe as a conservative pro-life woman. Everything they do is about stifling speech, shaming people who disagree with them. It’s a dangerous mindset to be teaching the next generation of Americans.

Let me tell you this – in America, the largest voting bloc in 2016 for the first time was millennials, between 18 and 34, we for the first time passed the baby boomers as the largest potential voting bloc. Our generation will be the deciding factor if we exercise our right to vote in elections for the next couple of decades. That’s an enormous responsibility yet so many of our generation are being indoctrinated on our college campuses to think like victims. They take no responsibility for their actions and think they should resort to violence if they disagree with someone. That’s very dangerous.

What are examples of that?

We just did a story last week at Fresno State about a pro-life group who had drawn chalk drawings on the ground that had to do with pro-life. There were no graphic images of aborted fetuses, it was positive, heartwarming, encouraging, pro-life chalk drawings. And some other students came along and started erasing these chalk drawings. The pro-life students said: “Hey, what are you doing, we have permission from the university to draw these messages.” And the vandalizing students told them a professor told them to vandalize the display.

The professor came along – and this is all caught on videotape by the way – and told the pro-life students that they didn’t have the right to free speech, that they weren’t allowed to express their views outside of a so-called free speech zone in the back corner of campus. Even though these students weren’t violating anybody else’s rights and they had permission from the university. That to me is absolutely astounding. This professor, who is supposed to be educating the future generation of American thinkers is telling students that they cannot exercise their constitutional right to free speech. It’s appalling.

What do you think about the idea that conservatives are the new victims on campus whose views are being marginalized?

I think we see that on college campuses. I’m never going to be one to paint myself, a conservative millennial, as a victim. I’m not going to say: “You’re oppressing me, I’m such a victim.” I don’t like that victimized attitude. Fortunately we still do have the right to free speech, I’m perfectly confident in defending myself. Perhaps I have it easier than some students on college campuses who haven’t spent years practicing their arguments in the way that I have. But I think one of the reasons that that’s a problem is because the left is teaching identity politics. They’re teaching that you shouldn’t think for yourself, that it’s not a value to think for yourself and that you’re wrong if you disagree with what progressives tell you as your demographic should be thinking.

A young conservative talkshow host that a lot of people will be familiar with is Tomi Lahren – how would you compare yourself to her?

Oh you’ll have to ask her questions about herself. I can just answer questions about myself.

Where do you see yourself in five years’ time?

Hopefully still standing up and speaking out for the values that have made our country great. I am really grateful, really fortunate and really lucky to be in the position that I’m in, to have a platform. To be able to take on lying, cheating and corruption from the left and their mistakenly utopian vision of our nation that will not work and diminish freedom. I’m very lucky to be in that position now and I hope down the road that I am able to use my skills and talents to fight for our freedom.