A Baylor senior proposed to his girlfriend during graduation and now we know love still exists

Spoiler: she said yes!

During Baylor’s commencement ceremony a graduate picked up his diploma and spontaneously proclaimed his love to his girlfriend – then proposed to her.

On picking up his degree, Joseph Duke Dizdar grabs the microphone and exclaims: “Nicole Whitehead, I love you so much, and I was wondering, will you marry me?

The audience, of course, cheers as Dizdar rushes to embrace his girlfriend. As he ran over, someone on stage jokes: “I’m ordained. I can do weddings too.”

Baylor University posted the video of the proposal on their Facebook page

People were really hype about the engagement, especially Dizdar’s new fiancée

Some people pointed out the that proposal was inconsiderate

While the post garnered mostly positive reactions, some pointed out how the proposal was inconsiderate to other graduates. While the ceremony was supposed the be about the graduating class, Dizdar’s spontaneous act detracted attention from other students.

Congrats to the happy couple!