Milo Yiannopoulos says he is recruiting interns at a Miami mansion party tomorrow

‘Open to both students and non-students. Include a picture of yourself’

Listen up young Republicans who want to trash their résumé forever: we’ve found the job for you.

Professional asshole Milo Yiannopoulos is hosting a comeback party in Miami this Friday in what he’s calling “an abandoned cocaine mansion” – and he’s using it to hire new brown-nosers for his new media venture.

Milo contacted The Tab last night, and said the party will double as a try-out for new members to join his infamous roster of “interns.” He says anyone who wants to come should get in touch by email (do not get in touch by email or any other means).

When we asked him for details, he said, in the third person:

“Milo promises strippers of both sexes with AK-47s over their shoulders, a golden throne (for himself) and a variety of exotic animals. He will give a short livestreamed speech about his comeback plans and take a couple of questions. Guests are encouraged to dress wildly. Email with the question you would ask and you will be sent an invitation if selected. Open to both students and non-students. Include a picture of yourself. Five people will be selected at the party based on looks and offered internships.”

The former Breitbart Tech Editor was booted out of the hatebait empire amid a scandal about his remarks concerning pedophilia (“I do not support pedophilia. Period,” he said at the time), at which time he also lost his lucrative book deal.

Milo said he would announce details of his new book and tour at the party. Oh, and: “I will have a full professional shoot there mid-party.” Of course.